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2월 4, 2017

Natura Logo with SMP


Natura Media (also known as Natura) is a company with a long history of providing quality products to the printing industry. It all started in 2002 when Korean Coating Technology Institute (KCTI) was established. KCTI had a focus on developing coatings for substrates. In 2003 the company produced chemicals for banner materials. These chemicals improved the surface characteristics of the base product and made for improved print receptivity. KCTI next developed its own brand of photo paper and built manufacturing plants to produce materials on a large scale.


The later part of the decade resulted in additional expansion and a name change. Natura Media, Inc. was chosen as the new company name in 2007 and a year later the company established a branch in Europe. In 2009 Natura Media USA was founded, and in 2015 it was relocated to the Atlanta, Georgia area in a partnership with SMP Corporation.


Natura Media USA is focused on helping dealers and distributors with a variety of printable substrates. Materials provided by the company are used in backlit applications, retractable banners, art canvas, window cling advertising films, etc. Natura has a solid group of professionals working for customers plus warehouses located throughout the United States to provide optimum service. Please contact us directly if you need help with your project, or have questions about our product.
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